Semigood Design

Our goal is to separate our work from the rest of the uninspired pack, evidenced by our decision not to pick a predictable, standard issue name. This unique moniker, Semigood Design, is a reflection of our personalities. Rather than a description of our product, Semigood is an indication of our priorities. We take craftsmanship seriously, not ourselves.

Semigood Design is an American furniture design company founded and operated by Thom Jones, Rian Jones and Brendan Callahan.  From it's inception in 2001, Semigood has been focused on the development and execution of timeless and expertly crafted heirloom products.  Specializing in hardwood and steel, our company has worked on projects with Elie Tahari, Eileen Fisher, Dwell Magazine, Richard Neutra's Kaufmann Residence and Neiman Marcus to name a few.  Our Rian Collection was featured in Gestalten's "Once Upon A Chair" and in 2010 our work was honored in the California Design Biennial at the Pasadena Museum of Art. Whether it be our standard product lines, or custom one off works of art, our focus will always be to offer the highest standard of craft and the most innovative execution possible for our clients.  

Our Approach: Thom designs and manufactures every piece of furniture by hand in our shop. Together with his wife, Rian, who manages the business and adds her artistic touch by weaving all the pieces in the Rian Collection. We make each piece to order providing us the ability to work closely with our clients and offer a myriad of customizations. Our pride stands in our combined commitment to bold and functional hand-crafted furniture with the sustainability to match. We have put our diverse talents to the test to find the most nascent, functional materials to create a furniture that lives. Our wood is FSC-certified, and we use proximate domestic suppliers to conserve and to minimize the toxic effects of transportation.

Established 2004 in NYC, currently located in the Pacific Northwest.